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  • Blathering is the perfect word to describe his radio show.

    David Lee Roth: Amtrak FM « BuzzMachine

  • With B. Hussein Obama and "Blathering" Biden as the opposition, McCain has to be the luckiest GOP candidate for POTUS since Reagan ran against Carter.

    Latest Articles

  • Blathering on like their every overwrought observation about talent and fame actually makes them somehow interesting, these uniformly bland wannabes are more adept at working our nerves than working it.

    Watercooler: The Glee Project-ile Vomit

  • Blathering about complexity or anything else that exists only in your head has nothing to do with whether evolution occurs, whether the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe Last Thursday, or why cats have kittens.

    More creationist misconceptions about the eye - The Panda's Thumb

  • Blathering about Barack's enormous potential, but (voice lowers, candidly) proclaiming the nation just wasn't ready for a black president?

    Maegan Carberry: Memo to Bandwagon Obama Fans: Get Tough!

  • Goung to be a nasty hangover from the Blathering Binge of St. Paul ....

    Gallup: For Every Voter Palin Wins Over, Another Jumps To Obama

  • Blathering on about Brussels and fox hunting may win you support amongst the sort of people that write letters to the Daily Telegraph moaning about the use of the metric system but it will not win you elections.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • I'm sure that Blathering Michael could arrange a suitable invite.

    Sound Politics: Heh

  • Methinks that soon Goldy - the wannabe dailykos - and the darling of the Blathering types - the wannabe horseasses - will be broadcasting from a pub table.

    Sound Politics: Heh

  • Blathering about “encouragement” is further nonsense - there is no inherent “right” to be a scientist.



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