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  • "One day a young gentleman, related to the owner of these dogs, and to whom the male, who was called Glaucous, had attached himself with the ardent affection so characteristic of his species, was walking on the shore with him.

    Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals

  • Herring gull (Larus argentatus) Glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus) III

    Management and conservation of marine mammals and seabirds in the Arctic

  • Gulls such as the Glaucous and Iceland Gulls were 99.8 percent the same.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Glaucous gulls L. hyperboreus and Kelp gulls L. dominicanus were also nested within L. argentatus, and the discovery about the Kelp gull is interesting: this species is unique to the Southern Hemisphere, and Liebers et al. (2004) concluded that it must have evolved via long-distance colonisation ‘from the same ancestral population as the Lesser black-backed gull, suggesting that its ancestors were highly migratory, as nominate Lesser black-backed gulls still are today’ (p. 895).

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • A separate ancestral population moved north from the Aralo-Caspian region toward the British Isles, giving rise to the Lesser black-backed gull, and east toward Siberia and North America, where Tundra gulls, Slaty-backed gull L. schistisagus and Glaucous-winged gulls L. glaucescens arose.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • And as you get more familiar in a given area, or with a given sort of bird, you see a Glaucous Gull or a Black-Headed Gull.

    Japanese White-Eye

  • Variation in summer diet of Glaucous-winged Gulls in the western Aleutian Islands: an ecological interpretation.

    Archive 2002-05-01

  • "Calm yourself, my dear friend," Glaucous admonished in placating tones.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • He looked around at the disposition of the troops, looked at the stake, looked at the Heads of House, looked at Konnal and at Glaucous.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • Glaucous was his friend, his trusted adviser, his only trusted adviser.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun


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