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  • proper n. The domestic intelligence agency of the United Kingdom, which operates in secret and whose primary function is to spy on terrorist organizations and others viewed as a threat to British national security. Formally known as the Security Service.


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Originally an abbreviation for Military Intelligence, division five.


  • MI5 is a civilian intelligence service with no powers of arrest or any other police powers, but a lot of investigative powers.

    Stella Rimington - An interview with author

  • Lol you in MI5 now? on May 2, 2010 at 5: 25 pm shijuro

    7/7 Bombs – Police To Blame SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • After shunning them for decades over worries of blackmail, MI5 is now asking gay and lesbian people to consider a career as a spy, promising the chance to fight terrorists, protect their country _ and earn a decent salary, plus benefits.

    MI5 Recruiting Gay Agents « Skid Roche

  • As part of an ongoing recruitment drive, MI5 is already wooing women, minorities and people with language skills.

    MI5 Recruiting Gay Agents « Skid Roche

  • The Security Service, as MI5 is officially known, also did not raise any objections when Orwell -- referred to by his real name Eric Blair -- was being vetted for a job with the Sunday Observer newspaper at Allied Forces Headquarters.

    MI5 convinced George Orwell was not communist

  • Madam Deputy Speaker, I am pointing out that treason against Labour Governments has been endemic in MI5 throughout its history, and that it has co-operated with Conservative Members of Parliament against the elected Government of the day.

    Attack Compass

  • Talking of great coincidences how strange that the head of MI5 is talking up the terrorist threat just before the Queen's Speech.

    Great Coincidences

  • This was a very different type of role than that, but I adored him in MI5 so was also happy to see him here.

    I Am

  • And, the heads of Britain's domestic spy agency, known as MI5, and the U.K.'s foreign intelligence service, MI6, in recent months have both warned that the U.K. faces potent threats from terrorism incubated in the Middle East, North Africa and Northern Ireland.

    Threat Level Rises on U.K. Transport

  • He listed MI5, which is a domestic service somewhat like the FBI; and GCHQ, the government's electronic eavesdropping agency, which is much like the Pentagon-based National Security Agency.

    Britain's MI6 operates a bit differently than CIA


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