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  • Noteworthy species include lesser rhea Pterocnemia pennata, Andean condor Vultur gryphus, which form nesting and roosting colonies called condoreras, torrent duck Merganetta armata, black-throated finch Melanodera melanodera, and others.

    Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina 2009

  • In the surrounding alluvial plains, lesser rhea Pterocnemia pennata is frequent.

    Ischigualasto-Talampaya, Argentina 2008

  • Other birds include Pterocnemia pennata, Tinamotis pentlandii, and Chloephaga melanoptera.

    Central Andean dry puna 2008

  • Among birds, we can mention the lesser rhea (Pterocnemia pennata), Patagonian tinamou (Tinamotis ingoufi), grey eagle-buzzard (Geranoaetus melanoleucus), peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), band-winged nightjar (Caprimulgus longirostris), lesser canastero (Asthenes pyrrholeuca), Patagonia mockingbird (Mimus patagónicus), Patagonian yellow-finch (Sicalis lebruni) just to name a few.

    Patagonian steppe 2008

  • Species in danger of being extinct or vulnerable include the cauquén colorado (Chloephaga rubidiceps), huemul (Hippocamelus bisculus) ñandú petiso (Pterocnemia pennata), macá tobiano (Podiceps gallardoi), mara (Dolichotis patagonum), chinchillón anaranjado (Lagidium wolffsohni), guanaco (Lama guanicoe), zorro gris chico (Dusicyon griseus) and ballena franca (Eubalaena australis).

    Patagonian steppe 2008

  • Threatened species in the ecoregion include the cauqué colorado (Chloephaga rubidiceps), the ñandú petiso (Pterocnemia pennata), the Patagonian Mara (Dolichotis patagonum), the guanaco (Lama guanicoe), the zorro gris chico (Dusicyon griseus), and the lobo de dos pelos (Aretocephalus australis).

    Patagonian grasslands 2007

  • There are numerous birds in the ecoregion, some of them are the Lesser rhea (Pterocnemia pennata), the Patagonian tinamou (Tinamotis ingoufi), the Black-chested buzzard-eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus), the Peregrine (Falco peregrinus), the Band-winged nightjar (Caprimulgus longirostris), the Patagonian mockingbird (Mimus patagónicus), and the Patagonian yellowfinch (Sicalis lebruni).

    Patagonian grasslands 2007


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