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  • Vintage have recently reissued all of Nevil Shute, and to read a hugely popular book of 50 years ago next to The Lost Symbol is to witness a painful decline in quality and sheer class.

    Is ‘The Lost Symbol’ Is ‘Offensive’ to Christianity? « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • In my opinion, "The Lost Symbol" is right up there with "When You Reach Me" for unmemorability, and by that I mean my inability to remember it correctly.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Dan Brown — whose new novel, The Lost Symbol, is released September 15 — and the importance and place of good and bad fiction.


  • That book hit a deep cultural nerve for obvious reasons; The Lost Symbol is more like the experience on any roller coaster -- thrilling, entertaining and then it's over.

    The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: Book summary

  • (_a_) In order to understand the word _Symbolum_, from which a Creed is often called a Symbol, we must go back to the days when, for persecution's sake, and lest they should unnecessarily cause their own deaths, Christians met in secret, and required pass-words that they might know one another.

    The Prayer Book Explained

  • Something else that struck me as Island-esque: That the villain of The Lost Symbol is searching for “an ancient portal” of myth — shades of Lost rogue Charles Widmore’s global quest for The Island.

    Doc Jensen's 'Lost' meets 'The Lost Symbol' Book Club, part 2 |

  • If … if that’s so, then the profit margin on The Lost Symbol is slightly less than $2.00 per hardcover.

    September « 2009 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • Symbol, which was called the Symbol of the Apostles, was not made until after their time, of this no one has any doubt.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Thus, the creed is known as the Symbol of Faith, the sign of our Christian belief.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • African operations of an American company called Symbol

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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