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  • n. A suffix of Latin or Greek origin, forming nouns of quality, state, condition, office, etc., from nouns in -ate (which becomes -ac-, the suffix being -ate changed to -ac-, + -y), as in primacy, curacy, advocacy, piracy, etc., or from adjectives in -acious, as in fallacy.


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  • I hope they can pull it off, but I have serious doubts. acy Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » A Viable Alternative to Nationalization?

  • A 1971 series by the Polish artist Alina Szapocznikow called "Photosculptures" (close-ups of stretched chewing gum) is only the most obvious leg acy of their thinking.

    What the Camera Wrought

  • "No confidences, Watson; for they are mighty awkward if it comes to an arrest for conspir - acy and murder."


  • The head of S.anford Financial Group had been granted conditional bail Thursday by U.S. Magistrate Frances S.acy in Houston.

    U.S. Says Financier Could Flee

  • The head of S.anford Financial Group, who is being held on charges he orchestrated a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, had been granted conditional bail Thursday by U.S. Magistrate Frances S.acy in Houston.

    Stanford Bail Reviewed

  • The shoulder rats and head bats come from four's latest piece lune-acy.

    The four Yip Fashion Blender à la Alpha Auer...

  • I think there is a gulf of difference between how the Brits think about privacy (you even say it differently – priv (as in prim) acy) and how North Americans do.

    NSFW: Halloween in San Francisco and the gathering clouds of a location-based privacy storm

  • S. O'BRIEN: S.acy, you know, I would imagine that the word relief doesn't even come close.

    CNN Transcript Oct 6, 2005

  • It was the creation of a $20-million student achieve-ment fund, which will recognize those schools that are achieving the improvement targets they are setting in grade-three reading, by providing to every elementary principal whose school meets or exceeds its student liter-acy goals in grade three, $5,000 that they and the student council can continue to invest in improved learning in their school.

    The Ontario Budget

  • In his introduction to this latest anthology (The New Yorker has been spewing them out-a gag reflex brought on by leg-acy anxieties?), David Remnick doesn't hedge his bets, casts no worried glances at the downward spikes of the Nasdaq.

    The Way We're Rich Now: Microsoft and Manolo Blahniks


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