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  • adv. In an analogical manner; in the manner of an analogy.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. In an analogical sense; in accordance with analogy; by way of similitude.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • By analogy; from a similarity of relations.
  • In biology, functionally as distinguished from structurally; in a physiological as distinguished from an anatomical way or manner: contrasted with homologically.


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  • The enemy is the barbarian, but he always used the word analogically; and the older barbarian before the walls comes off better than his modern counterpart for Belloc.

    Hilaire Belloc: Defender of the Faith

  • "analogically" by how I feel when something produces tears in me.

    Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

  • In The Ages, then, it is the grasping of nature as historical that analogically generates a psychoanalysis that exists only transferentially and not as a positivity.

    'The Abyss of the Past': Psychoanalysis in Schelling's Ages of the World (1815)

  • You never bothered reading Douglas/Adams, Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture, p.271 under *mélit: "... while OIr mil gen. melo is an i-stem, analogically refashioned after the u-stem 'mead'."

    My sweet honey bee

  • It's like having a family member on life support, artificially fed, and all the while knowing that the end is inevitable, that whatever life there is artificial, thus making it painful for the patient and for the family as well, because the longer, the more painful it gets, this is literally and analogically "agony".

    Poll: Obama gaining support with key Clinton demographics

  • At any rate, what gets lost on the analogically-challenged cdesign proponensists is that the human engineers in the analogy are superfluous in the biological realm.

    Intelligent Design's Fleet of Engineers

  • Spenser's hopes for a change towards this policy were set out obliquely or analogically within Faerie Queen, and directly in the prose piece, 'View of the Present State of Ireland.'

    Severed heads all in a row

  • Jews believe Rosh Hashanah represents either analogically or literally the creation of the World, or Universe.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • He isn't explicit whether he feels like those were added to multiple forms analogically or regularly.

    Laryngeal overdose in the Indo-European second person

  • Clayton articulates his view of religious language: If one is to speak of the divine at all, one must speak analogically - even though all finite, human analogies are inadequate to the infinite God.

    Archive 2009-05-01


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