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  • adj. Opposed to the tenets of communism.
  • n. One who is opposed to the tenets of communism.


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anti- +‎ communist


  • Efforts to give financial support to groups creating such software recall anticommunist programs during the Cold War, when the United States government backed broadcasters like Radio Free Europe, which provided news and information to countries where a free press was banned.

    NYT > Home Page

  • An historical example of this is how the United States 'support for "anticommunist" dictatorships in Latin America during the Cold War continues to haunt our relations with that continents' people and governments today.

    The Washington Note

  • I had come of age in a generation of Democrats who were reliably anticommunist—Jack Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, Hubert.

    The Good Fight

  • Before we knew it, people affiliated with Bob Jones University, the ultraconservative Christian school in South Carolina, and the Christian Crusade, an anticommunist organization in Oklahoma, had picked up the argument and were organizing opposition to our bill.

    The Good Fight

  • Some who had been part of the Goldwater campaign became architects of a new Republican Party, one founded less on anticommunist appeals.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • Popper is basically an anticommunist who thought if he defined science as testing experimental predictions, he could refute Marxism as not making prophecies about the future, without even troubling to actually study Marxism and Communism, etc.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • She became a fervent anticommunist, even though it meant excommunication from the conventional left.

    Lyrical Leftist, Dogged Idealist

  • Expelled from the U.S. during the anticommunist drive that followed World War I, she briefly fell in love with the Soviet Union, but her sense of individualism was repelled by the Leninist dictatorship.

    Lyrical Leftist, Dogged Idealist

  • In one of his closets, for example, we found a huge pile of anticommunist comic books in Mongolian.

    Where are the Dreams of My Youth?

  • He ruled over a system in which the clergy dominated the government, and his foreign policies were both anti-Western and anticommunist.

    Five People Born On May 17 | myFiveBest


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