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  • adj. Countering radiation.


anti- +‎ radiation (Wiktionary)


  • We no longer have an antiradiation shield around the Ship, since the Main Converter is not in operation.

    Destiny Narrowly Avoided

  • We require antiradiation treatments and general first aid.

    Jason Stoddard, Strange and Happy » Blog Archive » Eternal Franchise, 16.1 of 31.1

  • Still, Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals Inc, a San Diego-based company, has thus far been awarded about $2.5 million from the US Department of Defense and the NIH to continue to develop an experimental antiradiation drug.

    Bioterrorism - An Update on Preparedness

  • Two Wild Weasel teams armed with antiradiation missiles were leading the pack, going in slightly ahead of the conventional fighters.

    Terror At Dawn

  • HARMS: antiradiation missiles that home in on radar sites.

    Terror At Dawn

  • In theory, at least, the antiradiation — or HARM — missiles would cut a swath of destruction through the antiaircraft installations, enabling Thor and his cohorts to get inland.

    Terror At Dawn

  • The antiradiation missiles slung beneath his wings were the latest in technology.

    Terror At Dawn

  • And the next thing that happens is the following airplane shows up, and this is what we call a SEED, a suppression (UNINTELLIGIBLE) air defense airplanes, and he fires a radar homing missile, a high-speed antiradiation missile that homes in on the radar to take out the missile sites.

    CNN Transcript Oct 10, 2001

  • The task busied her just enough to take her mind off her half-healed burns and the lingering nausea of the antiradiation treatments Dr. McCoy had run her through the night before.


  • He reached instinctively to wipe it off, and knocked his gloved hand against the faceplate of the antiradiation suit.

    Proud Helios

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