daddy-long-legs love



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  • n. Common misspelling of daddy longlegs.


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  • Kiri, meanwhile, had captured a light emerald in the pillbox, and we had been joined by a meadow grasshopper and a giant cranefly, the biggest of its tribe I have ever seen, with big patterned wings like clear church windows: the daddy of all daddy-long-legs.


  • And her garden was a voyage of discovery into frogs and daddy-long-legs and apple trees, and brambles.

    If possible, does anyone have a time travel machine, and could I borrow it?

  • Then one night, a daddy-long-legs had hovered near.

    #23 into the crapometer

  • He went up to the globe, and gave it a spin; it emitted a faint creak and moved about an inch, bringing into his purview a daddy-long-legs which had died on it in latitude 44.

    To Let

  • The scuttling lobstrosities of the ocean's sulpher vents, the eyeless daddy-long-legs of the hollow earth, a mother spider the colour of glass whose back teemed with young.

    mordicai: crown me king!

  • Jed perched on the edge of the bed, his left leg twitching like a daddy-long-legs round a lampshade.

    Conferences are Murder

  • The umbrella lay like a recently swatted daddy-long-legs, expiring sadly on the ground.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

  • The lake was a sombre sheet of ice with a faint sheen on it that the clouded moon made, and the willows, which by daylight looked like so many crouched spiders or daddy-long-legs, were laden with snow that clung to them and changed their shape.

    Put On By Cunning

  • I knew that before I met him, this boy, whose littleness surprised me, had suffered ill dreams in a nameless world, and now, worn out with tears and humiliation and dread of life, he slept, and while he slept I watched him dispassionately, as I would have looked at a crippled daddy-long-legs.

    The Ghost Ship

  • "Ay, do," cried Mark; "take something lively, and you'll fetch out the old spiders and daddy-long-legs which have been sent into the corners like naughty boys, and they'll come out by millions and dance for us."

    Nearly Lost but Dearly Won


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