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  • n. An apostate.
  • v. To undergo a deconversion from a religion, faith or belief or (transitive) to induce (someone) to reject a particular religion, faith, or belief.
  • v. To revert or (transitive) to restore.
  • v. To change a building that has been converted to a new use back to its original use; specifically to change a house that has been converted into apartments or flats back to a single-family dwelling.


From de- + convert (Wiktionary)


  • I have read a great deal by ex-Christian Agnostics and Atheists, and so have the impression that for many who deconvert, that is the case.

    ExChristian.Net -- encouraging ex-Christians

  • If their savior were to see his followers today, he would probably deconvert.

    Think Progress » Portugal’s parliament approves same-sex marriage.

  • Although, you know what, I don't think I managed to deconvert any creationists by referring them to Ole Frackin 'Cracker Myers.

    An Ominous Story

  • I've often noticed and wondered at an interesting correspondence between interest in science fiction and skepticism in regards to religion (I am a deconvert from christianity to agnosticism myself --- the only one in my family and also the only science fiction reader).

    Your Personality Influences Your Reading Choices

  • Going forward,   Anonymous hopes to deconvert members and "infiltrate" the group by joining and posing as sincere Scientologists.

    The Passion of ‘Anonymous’

  • I do not say this to question your faith nor am I trying to deconvert anyone.

    fort sumter, brooklyn

  • International Isotopes plans to use its proposed facility to deconvert the depleted uranium tails that result from the enrichment process.

    The Seattle Times

  • The plant, including all ancillary systems and support facilities, is expected to deconvert the material into a passive form which will be stored on the Capenhurst site.

  • Athiests - What religion did you deconvert from if not born athiest?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • "Unless of course you think YEC is the only legitimate origins model for Christians, in that case yes he is attempting to deconvert people, and he should."


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