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  • While epithumia love can draw couples closer together, the danger is an uncontrolled desire to possess or own which can ultimately damage the relationship.

    Leslie Davenport: The Health Benefits of Love: A Meditation for Deepening Connections

  • Corresponding to the three gunas of sattva, rajas, tamas, Plato spoke of three categories logistikon, thumos, epithumia and he used a three-part classification for society.

    Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World

  • What do you say of edone (pleasure), lupe (pain), epithumia (desire), and the like, Socrates?


  • * Ou gar ti ekineito par 'auto, ou thumos, ouk epithumia allou paren auto, anabebekoti; all' ou de logos, ou de tis noesis; ou d 'holos autos, ei dei kai touto legein; all' hosper harpastheis e enthousiasas hesuche en eremo katastasei gegenetai atremei, te autou ousia oudamou apoklinon, oude peri auton strephomenos, hestos pante kai hoion stasis genomenos;: [4949] 1


  • Aristotle has, I venture to think, rather quibbled here, by using [Greek: epithumia] and its verb, equivocally as there is no following his argument without condescending to the same device, I have used our word lust in its ancient signification Ps. xxiv.


  • In the Republic (Book IV) soul loses its unity and becomes divided into nous (“intellect”), thumos (“passion”), and epithumia (“appetite”).

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • The epithet mikra, as applied to the epithumia of the Elder, is inappropriate, and suggests an error of translation.

    The Three Additions to Daniel: A Study.

  • HERMOGENES: What do you say of edone (pleasure), lupe (pain), epithumia


  • Lusts is epithumia, which, breaking it down into its component parts, epi and thumos, can mean the superimpostion of passions.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • But besides these there are many others, as - agapesei agapasthai kakia kakopoiein alalagmo alalazein kakia kakoun aloiphe exaleiphein katarais katarasthai apolia apollunai klauthmo klaiein aphanismo aphanizein lethe lathein bdelugmati bdelussein lithois lithobolein desmo dein lutrois lutroun dialusei dialuein mneia mnesthenai diamarturia diamarturein oionismo oionizesthai diaphtheirein phthora orgizesthai orge dike ekdikein horko horkizein ekballein ekbole paradosei paradothenai ekthlibein ekthlibe peripiptein periptomati ekleipsei ekleipein plemmelia plemmelein ektribe ektribenai pronome pronomeuthenai etripsei ektribenai prosochthismati prosochthizein exepaunan exeraunesei ptosei piptein exoudenosei exoudenoun talaiporia taleiporein epithumia epithumein tarache tarassein episkope episkeptesthai huperorasei huperidein thelesei thelein pherne phernizein kathairesei kathairein phthora phtharenai katharismo katharizein chairein chara

    A Grammar of Septuagint Greek

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