magical bovine confectionery dispenser diorama love

magical bovine confectionery dispenser diorama


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  • The moorcock sadly came a cropper in a freak collision with a flying fox.

    March 22, 2009

  • We love you Elsie, we do
    We love you Elsie, we do
    We love you Elsie, we do
    Oooh Else we love you

    What happened to the moorcock?

    March 22, 2009

  • This is Elsie:

    Elsie 1

    I got her from some dude in Segovia, in trade for my magic beans. Elsie is no ordinary cow:

    Elsie 2

    But I think the dude cheated me, because after a few days, there were no more gold coins. Just exquisitely crafted regular chocolate poop, reminiscent of a David Foster Wallace story:

    Elsie 3

    Nonetheless, Elsie provides a goodly variety of candy options:

    Elsie 4

    With the right diet (hazelnuts and malt beer), the results can be amazing (Nutella and maltesers):

    Elsie 5

    But there were more surprises to come. One time Elsie got into the eggnog:

    Elsie 6

    It tasted just like a Cadbury's filled Easter egg!

    But the best part was when I gave Elsie some Rosetta Stone French tapes to listen to. She found them very funny - couldn't stop laughing, and guess what?

    Elsie 7

    So, what have we learned? That cows bring us chocolate and cheese and milk, but hold on to your magic beans. If it's gold coins you want on a reliable basis, maybe you should consider buying a goose instead.


    You can see more exciting pictures of Elsie here -

    Elsie the magic cow

    March 21, 2009