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  • March 10th, 2008 11: 39am more good news from the well informed rob - * hamas have been overthrown* thank you rob peace is now only round the corner. perhaps you can also tell us where osama is, and where mengele is buried - you really are a treasure - more please!!

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Dr. mengele will decied who does and does not live cause your to dumb.


  • You are here: Home » History » Dr .... joseph mengele search and news results joseph mengele search and news results from URLHell.

    Read what Young Americans Read

  • I guess the fda thinks they deserve to die, I sorry but the stupidity of the fda stance on phages boarders on the inhumane maybe mengele is alive and well at the fda.

    Popular Science

  • As Eva Mozes she and her twin sister Miriam survived experimentation by Joseph mengele.

    The Poor Mouth

  • Give our vets, service men and women and thier families the cadillac plan these rats enjoy and let the rats and thier famlies take this mengele care thier trying to shuv down our throats.

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  • & then everyone will fail to appear. & then you will start to talk to yourself. & just then you will notice that whatever you wanted to forget all those years but wanted to tell now in the voice you disowned is already forgotten. your doctor has seen you; not mengele, not goebbels — dr. alzheimer.

    November « 2009 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • …Inglorious Basterds two …the bastards hunt down nazi war criminals…and find and kill dr mengele hahhhahahah

    What are the Most Demand Sequels for Movies from 2009? «

  • to experiment on people one at a time as Josef mengele did, is a horror to experiment on people en mass to feel power, and force peopel to things they dont want sadistically, is a social program.

    Obama and the individual mandate: tax, or no tax?

  • i will point out that we look at joseph mengele with horror as he experimented on children.

    Obama and the individual mandate: tax, or no tax?


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