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  • n. A powdery substance prepared synthetically by the methylation of natural cellulose and used as a food additive, a bulk-forming laxative, an emulsifier, and a thickener. It swells in water to form a gel.

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  • n. A white powdery substance, obtained by the methylation of cellulose, that swells in contact with water to form a gel; it has many industrial applications.


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  • If your problem is infrequency, choose a bulk laxative such as methylcellulose (Citrucel and generic), polycarbophil (Equalactin, FiberCon, and generic), or psyllium (Fiberall, Metamucil, and generic).

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  • In Italy, a documentary-style television program went undercover in the kitchen of Massimo Bottura at the avant-garde Osteria Francescana in Modena and filmed the chef adding methylcellulose to a sauce.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • His trick is the additive methylcellulose, a gum which solidifies when it warms rather than cools.

    Harvard's Science & Cooking Lectures With Chefs José Andrés, Ferran Adrià, Grant Achatz, Dan Barber & More

  • Soluble fiber supplements available from health food stores and drug stores include psyllium (brand names Metamucil, Fiberall and Perdiem), methylcellulose (Citrucel) and polycarbophil (one of its brand names is Fibercon).

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  • But what do people think about calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, calcium chloride, sodium citrate, methylcellulose, sodium alginate ?

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  • Supplements - which include fiber sources such as psyllium, methylcellulose, wheat dextrim and inulin - entered the market more than a decade ago touting their laxative properties, but in the last five years have emerged as everyday food additives, suggesting healthier eating is just a shake away.

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  • Komm - who graduated as a geophysicist before becoming a fashion entrepreneur then finding his calling as a chef at age 34 having entered the industry as a restaurant owner - makes liberal use of methylcellulose, a thickening agent once to spin out smetana, the Russian version of sour cream. News

  • After all, his equipment includes vacuum sealers, colloid mills and rotary evaporators, and some of his ingredients are agar and methylcellulose.

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  • At McCrady's, in a building built in 1788, where George Washington is said to have dined, he installed immersion circulators and stored pounds of gellan gum, carrageenans and methylcellulose.

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  • Why do we have so much weird stuff like methylcellulose and xanthum gum that's produced in a laboratory in our food?



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