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  • n. Feeling of contentment at another's successes.


Yiddish נחת (nakhes), from Hebrew נחת (nakhát, "contentment") (Wiktionary)


  • If Stephen Colbert is shepping naches … « The Blog at 16th and Q

    If Stephen Colbert is shepping naches… « The Blog at 16th and Q

  • “Shep naches” is a Yiddish expression meaning “to bring joy.”

    I slept with Joey Ramone

  • Wednesday, October 15, 2008 9:44:00 AM shebbing naches said...


  • Whatever money and naches they get from TLS is gravy.

    Why they’re wrong | Jewschool

  • For maybe a thousand years, there was no surer prescription for naches than medicine.

    Forget What I Said! Jewish Moms Tell Nudniks Not to Be Doctors

  • With his ascent, the younger Mr. Gelb brought some serious naches to his parents — but, on a grander scale, he also torqued his family out of the realm of the annoyingly, respectably successful into the world of the genuinely intriguing, even dynastic.

    The Gelb Family

  • I have great naches (joy) from knowing that in many different places, people are carrying around dog-eared, well-underlined copies of my book close to their hearts.

    Aviva Cantor: Statement

  • Is there naches, or pleasure, in knowing that Branca's mother was a Jew?

    NYT > Home Page

  • DJ Grenadier, my khevrusa this past summer, he should be Zokhe to berius, mazal, naches, a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel un l'oylem habo. here for a recent interview with journalist and cultural theorist Ruth Ellen Gruber on the


  • For one thing, Sam and Marc are practically doppelgangers of each other, with Sam the "good son" who got married, had a child, and despite his warped sense of humor and priceless righteous outrage, no doubt still gives his parents some naches.

    Brilliant at Breakfast

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