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  • n. Any of many isomers of the saturated aliphatic alcohol having eight carbon atoms, but especially the simple primary alcohol n-octanol; its esters are used in perfumery

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  • n. Octyl alcohol, C8H17.OH, derived from octane. It is a liquid which boils at 195.5° C. The acetate occurs in the oil of Heracleum Sphondylium, and the butyrate in the oils of H. giganteum and Pastinaca sativa.


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  • Assessment of the chemical fate requires knowledge of many factors including: organic carbon and water partitioning at equilibrium (Koc) chemical partitioning between soil and water (Kd) partitioning between air and water (Henry's Law Constant) solubility constants vapor pressures partitioning between water and octanol (Kow) bioconcentration factors

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  • And occasionally you need to change the octanol strip as well as the sticky stuff.

    CNN Transcript Mar 23, 2002

  • Draws them in with the sound, and then it also draws them in with a scent -- something they call octanol.

    CNN Transcript Mar 23, 2002

  • It is lipophilic (the log of the octanol-water partition co-efficient (K ow) for BPA is between 2.2 and 3.82 (NTP, 2008)) and it is plausible that partitioning to lipid rich tissues could occur with frequent exposure.

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  • However, the tachycardic submits complicated 3 and 10 mg/kg per omeprazole drug of woman over the 2-year endoscopy showed an baseline in aggregational matrix nodules; the octanol of this dosing is premenstrual 7.


  • An equal volume of saturated n-octanol was added and the solution was mixed.

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  • Aqueous sodium chloride (0. 9\% w / v) and n-octanol phase were saturated for a week.

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  • Caco-2 cell permeabil - rare exceptions, the intravenous administration of a ity studies have replaced the use of octanol/buffer dose is assumed to be 100% bioavailable.

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  • Similarly, oral melatonin has an lipophilicity, usually measured as the octanol/absolute bioavailability of about 15% maximum water distribution coef fi cient when the aqueous and was eventually withdrawn in the United King - phase is buffered at pH 7.4.

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  • Washington, DC: American Chemical Society .. 348 p. Sangster J (2006) LOGKOW: A databank of evaluated octanol-water partition coefficients (Log P).

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