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  • n. In Japan, a folding-fan, in distinction from the flat screen fan, uchiwa. See the extract.


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  • Thus, fermented doughs, such as ogi or ugi (a similar product widely eaten in East Africa), might be liquefied with Power Flour into forms that weanlings can "drink."

    Chapter 26

  • The fermented sediment is ogi which is boiled either in water or in the ogi water (supernatant) to give ogi porridge

    Chapter 6

  • I think you make Agidi the same way you make normal ogi just that you use stock meat, chicken instead of just plain water and then u wrap it in the leaves and allow it to set.


  • One example is ogi, a blancmange-like product that is one of Nigeria's most important foods.

    Chapter 26

  • In Nigeria, it is fermented, like maize or sorghum, to produce ogi - a traditional weaning food that is still common.

    4. Pearl Millet

  • The rather stark skeleton, then, made a dramatic backdrop for her richly coloured, patterned and textured collection of mai ogi, stage fans used by dancers.

    Black Blade

  • Since the mai ogi were often the only props allowed on stage, they took the place of a samurai sword, a pine forest, the moon in autumn, a staircase to the attic, a storm-roiled sea or a simple teacup.

    Black Blade

  • In view of this, studies were undertaken to increase the protein content of ogi relatively inexpensively and to develop a technique for processing cassava into gari that would eliminate cyanogens from the product or reduce them to innocuous levels.

    12 Cassava Processing in Africa

  • Yet it is nutritionally inferior to maize, which is deficient in certain essential amino acids, because of the maize-milling process that is an integral part of ogi production.

    12 Cassava Processing in Africa

  • The same was also true for unenriched and protein-enriched ogi except for color (6).

    12 Cassava Processing in Africa


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