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  • Sure what else but love for us poor bastes in the stokehole would be bringing a fine lady, dressed like a white quane, down a mile of ladders and steps to be havin’ a look at us?

    Scene IV. The Hairy Ape

  • Stick in some buttons for eyes, and a wee nose and mouth of red paper -- and stick the head on the body with some hair pins, and the quane herself niver had a better doll baby.

    The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays

  • Now a palanquin means a native lady all the world over, except whin a soldier av the quane happens to be takin 'a ride.

    Soldier Stories

  • 'Oho!' sez I to mysilf, 'I'm a quane in me own right, wid a minister to pay me expenses.

    Indian Tales

  • She may be the quane av Shaba, an 'she may be a Digger Injun Squaw, but the loikes av him had betther kape away from Kate Murphy.

    Keith of the Border

  • An 'it's a good quane you'll make, too, av ye don't let the men have too much o' their own way.

    The Island Queen

  • And, thinks I, if I can find 'em now, sure the quane will be after takin 'care of me; and here I am. "

    A Woman at Bay Or, a Fiend in Skirts

  • "Oho!" sez I to mysilf, "I'm a quane in me own right, wid a minister to pay me expenses.

    Life's Handicap

  • "Corporal of the guaod, the quane of all the South is coming down the road, riding a high stepper.

    How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion or, The Funny Experiences of a Raw Recruit - 1887

  • No doubt, however, he loved the fairy queen as long as he could, but in time tiring of her, "he concluded to marry a foine lady, and when the quane rayproached him wid forgittin’ her, at first he said it wasn’t so, an’ whin she proved it an him, faith he’d not a word left in his jaw.

    Irish Wonders


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