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  • adj. Relating to, expressing, or advocating a person's right to refuse extraordinary measures intended to prolong life after a physician has deemed that person to be terminally or incurably ill.

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  • n. A putative right for a person to decide not to be kept alive by heroic means and to die with dignity.


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  • It has happened to Eastwood before: His Oscar-winning 2004 film Million Dollar Baby included a right-to-die subplot that stirred controversy shortly before the Terri Schiavo case became a national argument.

    Art coincidentally imitates life in historic, timely 'Invictus'

  • Kevorkian, who spurred on the national right-to-die debate with a homemade suicide machine that helped end the lives of dozens of ailing people, was convicted of murder in 1999 for assisting in the 1998 death of a Michigan man with Lou Gehrig's disease.

    Jack Kevorkian's Estate, And Museum Fight For Dr. Death Art

  • Derek Humphrey, founder of the Hemlock Society, a national right-to-die organization, rejected Dr. Kevorkian's efforts.

    Pathologist Led One-Man Crusade for Euthanasia

  • Notorious for his right-to-die activism, the trained pathologist assisted in the suicides of approximately 130 terminal patients by his count.

    Jack Kevorkian Dead at 83

  • By their very nature, it is hard to judge how many such superinjunctions exist, but there appear to be at least 30, including several that are plainly of public significance, including one relating to allegations of water pollution, and another to a right-to-die case.

    Superinjunctions: The rich man's gag | Editorial

  • Nominated for a Best Documentary Short Academy Award, director Daniel Junge's 2009 film tracks Gardner's advocacy, despite his deteriorating condition, for the state's right-to-die ballot initiative in 2008. —

    Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

  • And there are the inherent civil rights costs of allowing a government to dictate what people can do with their bodies, which is the same valid concern raised by pro-choice and right-to-die activists.

    Dear Johns « PubliCola

  • Words develop emotional dimensions, which is why the right-to-die Hemlock Society, named for Socrates' suicide juice of choice, is now called Compassion and Choices.

    Sister Mary Ann Walsh: The Choice To End All Choices

  • Mr. Rivkin said believes that case law related to a woman's right to choose medical care, such as abortion, and the right-to-die cases, could form the basis for a constitutional challenge to the FDA.

    Resistance to FDA on Avastin Limits

  • Until the Republican Party moderates itself on abortion, same-sex marrage, right-to-die, et-al, they will be in the minority.

    Voinovich: The GOP's 'being taken over by Southerners'


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