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  • n. The marc or residual cake from ripe olives, crushed and pressed at common temperature to produce olive-oil. Also known as nocciulo.


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  • My fool fighters albums for the zune can't play on my sanza and after i sold my zune the only way to play them is by using the zune software which is not my music software of choice.

    RIAA Says DRM Is Dead | Lifehacker Australia

  • The tree composition of this ecoregion is quite uniform over long distances, with species such as Dacroydes klaineana, Strombosia glaucescens, Allanblackia floribunda, Coula edulis and Diospyros sanza-minika being common in many places.

    Western Guinean lowland forests

  • To go on living in such isolated gardens, human beings must either denature themselves like Utnapishtim, who is no longer fully human after so many centuries with no human companionship other than his wife, or else succumb to the melancholia that afflicts the inhabitants of Dante's Elysian Fields in Limbo, where, as Virgil tells the pilgrim, sanza speme vivemo in disio, we live in desire without hope.

    'Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition'

  • As a child, he soaked in everyday Beninese songs, with vocals accompanied by beats on hand drums and an occasional sanza (thumb-piano made from a gourd and metal strips).

    For One Guitarist, Jazz Is an African Dialect

  • But they are in Limbo, a strange sort of stasis without pain, a middle existence of hope without hope: 'sanza speme vivemo in disio' Inf.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • Leonardo was, as he confessed, an omo sanza lettere.


  • E più esercito la detta arte insieme e a conpagnia con Michelozzo di bartolomeo, sanza niuna chorpo, salvo flor. 30 in più ferramenti et masserizie per detta arte.

    Donatello, by Lord Balcarres

  • : 'Chi disse uno popolo, disse veramente uno animale pazzo, pieno ni mille errori, di mille confusioni, sanza gusto, sanza diletto, sanza stabilità.'

    Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7) The Age of the Despots

  • "Chi mai sì duro e sì invido non lodasse Pippo architetto vedendo quì struttura si grande, erta sopra i cieli, ampla da coprire con sua ombra tutti i popoli toscani, fatta sanza alcuno aiuto di travamenti o di copia di legname, quale artificio certo, se io ben giudico, come a questi tempi era incredibile potersi, così forse appresso gli antiqui fu non saputo nè conosciuto?"

    Renaissance in Italy Volume 3 The Fine Arts

  • The top lot in this category was a wooden Angolan figure of the seated, highly coiffed King Tshokwe playing the sanza, a musical instrument, with his two hands.

    The Art Newspaper - RSS


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