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  • To this end, he devised a “self-reproducing automaton,” a robot that was afloat on a sea of its own components, just as living things on Earth thrive and abound among the chemical building blocks of life.


  • The mathematician Stanislaw Ulam gave von Neumann advice on how to make his self-reproducing machine simpler.


  • If we combine braneworld cosmology and cosmological natural selection, then we obtain a scenario in which self-reproducing universes not only evolve by natural selection, but in which they collide and interact.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Incidentally, science fiction has also predicted the development of self-reproducing robots designed to hunt down and destroy the self-reproducing robots that are hunting down and destroying all life.

    Matthew Yglesias » Spitzer: Let’s Condemn the Human Race to Slavery and Extinction

  • We (or our grandchildren) will be rich enough to deal with it (using the wealth created by self-reproducing factories descended from today's fablabs, 3D printers, and robotic tech generally; nano is nice, but not necessary).

    OPEC and Global Warming, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • In fact, building on the honoured tradition of multiple curva peligrosa signs as well as those self-reproducing dobles, some alerts are lavish in number and admonition: tope en 500 metros, says the first sign, tope en 300 meters, says the second, tope en 100 meters, tope en 50 meters.

    Free riding the roads of Mexico

  • Judges are appointed by committee, so it's a self-reproducing bureaucracy.

    Berlusconi: Undone by La Dolce Vita?

  • But it is true that the younger generation will be faced with the problems of self-reproducing technologies in a way we haven't had to deal with yet.

    Michael Crichton discusses his book Prey

  • Before you jump to conclusions and set your hair on fire, be aware that women are not about to start self-reproducing and vote men off the island.

    ProWomanProLife » Two mothers, really?

  • I have had a go at one alternative response which envisages a process of "natural selection" assisting in getting inorganic chemicals towards being organic and then self-reproducing, but back in those primitive days of my early attempts at translation I had misunderstood the question entirely, and other approaches are needed.

    Be the Worm That Turns on the Creationist

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