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  • n. embeddedness in a culture


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situated +‎ -ness


  • Regardless of approach, we can glean much from existing theories of learning - namely the situatedness, sociability, and contextual dimensions of learning.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Although the popularisation of the word "situated" was done by others (Suchman, Lave, Brown) Papert / Harel argue that the idea of situatedness is an important theme in the development of logo based constructionism - along with the idea of fluency (another important word here)

    why maths and science are hard

  • It is true enough that Dixon's language reflects his protagonists 'perspective, their "situatedness," but that it "attaches itself" to the flow of consciousness seems to me a misperception of Dixon's approach.

    Narrative Strategies

  • "situatedness" (to steal a term from Dr. Gaffin), so do the Gospels.

    finitum non capax infiniti

  • To that I add the cultural situatedness and affective dimensions!

    Climate change is mankind’s defining crisis (Mobiot/Lomborg debate) | Serendipity

  • It is characterized by an unflinching interrogation of inherited, seemingly foundational concepts, leading to the demonstration of their situatedness in Western modernity.

    James Warren: This Week in Magazines: Jenny Sanford Exacts Revenge, Newsweek Provides Helpful Alien Advice

  • They help keep the full situatedness of literature alive and visible.

    An Indie Bookstore Road Trip - Paper Cuts Blog -

  • Beyond the historical situatedness of artistic communication (the fact that an artistic language re-uses the language of its contemporaries), the task of giving sense on the basis of being-in-the-world is part of the metaphysical condition of being human, and so applicable to all humans throughout history.

    Existentialist Aesthetics

  • If you are a hard core anecdotalist nothing exists in any meaningful way beyond the situatedness of the phenomenon anyway.

    Maxwell's Hammer

  • Tagore also gave a lecture as President of the Preliminary Meeting of the Rammohun Roy Centenary held at the Senate House, Calcutta, on 18 February 1933 Tagore, 1933, in which he emphasised both Roy's situatedness in Indian culture, and his international stature.

    The Rammohun Roy connection


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