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  • n. A very large region of space, relatively free of matter, created by multiple supernova explosions


super- +‎ bubble (Wiktionary)


  • That area is described in the paper as a "cocoon" about 163 light years across within a gas-filled hollow called a superbubble.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • Soros sees the subprime mortgage meltdown taking place in the midst of the bursting of a "superbubble" created over the past quarter century as a result of globalization, credit expansion and deregulation.

    Miles Mogulescu: Obama Right to Reassure Wall Street Markets With Rubinauts But Also Needs Econ Advisors Who Stand for Main Street

  • In his latest book, "The New Paradigm for Financial Markets," he argues a "superbubble" has developed in the past 25 years and it is now collapsing.

    Soros, the Man Who Cries Wolf,

  • Soros has repeatedly predicted fiscal armageddon, writing three books about a "superbubble" that is on the verge of collapse.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • It's a superbubble and that's why the impact is going to be so deep and so painful and so global.

    CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2009

  • "I'm not bearish but I don't see how we can have the kind of growth in profits that we had during the superbubble," says Mr. Soros, who these days leaves most day-to-day trading decisions at his $24 billion fund to Keith Anderson,

    Picks and Pans From Market Pros

  • If we can sail through this without a recession, then the superbubble story is seriously impacted ...

    Soros, the Man Who Cries Wolf,

  • "The success in bailing out the system [after the DotCom Bust] led to a superbubble, except that in 2008 we used the same methods," said hedge-fund legend George Soros at a meeting of investors hosted by The Economist at the City of London's Haberdashers 'Hall last night.

  • The upwards loop of W4 partially traces a superbubble blown by winds from a cluster of young stars.

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  • Hall, George Soros said that "The success in bailing out the system on the previous occasion led to a superbubble, except that in 2008 we used the same methods.

    Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

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