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  • n. In pharmacy, a medicated lozenge or hard electuary, generally in the form of a disk, differing from a troche by having sugar mixed with the powdered drug and mucilage.


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  • Vorrei chiederti una cortesia: riporteresti la conversione cup-grammi? non ho trovato una tabella fidata e in più sono sprovvista delle tazze graduate :\

    Pastel de tres leches / Three milk cake - PERU

  • Manum de tabella, I have been over tedious in this subject; I could have here willingly ranged, but these straits wherein I am included will not permit.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • _BCMFHL_ (uix _ex_ uin _C, ut uid_) uix sumpta ... tabella _T_ assumpte

    The Last Poems of Ovid

  • It was not until towards the end of the third century that Christian sarcophagi were ornamented with sculpture; at first the carvings were small figures of the Good Shepherd or an Orante placed where the strigili came together, or else Christians symbols were carved on the tabella inscriptionis, i.e. the flat slab closing the grave in which the epitaph was cut.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • Quo fit ut OMNIS Votiva pateat veluti descripta tabella

    Life Of Johnson

  • "Stoddart's Angling Songs" (Blackwood), is an admirable biography, _quo fit ut omnis Votiva pateat veluti descripta tabella Vita senis_.

    Adventures Among Books

  • Et eadem est disciplina et ordinacio de ceteris analogiis prout habetur in novissimo quaternione eiusdem tabule, immo et in fronte cuiuslibet analogii in tabella eidem appendente.

    The Care of Books

  • At, quidquid "videri" possit, certum nobis exploratumque est Vaticanum codicem primo habuisse [Greek: eurakydôn], prout expressum fuit tum in tabella quâ Maius Birchianas lectiones notavit, tum in alterâ quâ nos errata corrigenda recensuimus. '

    The Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels Being the Sequel to The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels

  • Editoriale per la Newsletter n. 113, del 26 luglio 2010 - Per i dati sulla chiusura dell'Italia agli investimenti stranieri v, la tabella pubblicata con il mio articolo su lavoce. info del 18 giugno 2010

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