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  • n. A male turkey
  • n. A pompous or self-important person


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  • And he began to puff himself up like a turkeycock.

    The Heart Of A Dog

  • With his hat very much on the back of his head he went down the steps like an inflated turkeycock.

    The Beetle

  • Bob was red as a turkeycock, but Fendrick wore his most devil-may-care insouciance.

    Crooked Trails and Straight

  • I hastened to reassure her by explaining that, having been turned out as a certificated B.A. by Indian College, I had acquired perfect familiarity and nodding acquaintance with the early Roman and Latin tongues, and offering my services as interpreter of "_quicquid agunt homines_," and the entire "_farrago libelli_," which rendered her red as a turkeycock with delight and gratitude.

    Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.

  • But the fact is, W'isky was jealous o 'me' -- and the little wretch actually swelled out like a turkeycock and made a pretence of adjusting an imaginary neck-tie, noting the effect in the palm of his hand, held up before him to represent a mirror.

    Can Such Things Be

  • Tom Hughes succeeded as a county judge in Yorkshire my old schoolfellow, St. John Yates, mentioned on a recent page in connection with Andrew Irvine's turkeycock irascibility.

    My Life as an Author

  • I speak to you like an old man quietly, and you answer like a turkeycock:

    The Bishop and Other Stories

  • 'And I'd rather kiss a turkeycock than Marfa,' I said, 'And I've a wife of my own, you fool,' said I.

    The Horse-Stealers and Other Stories

  • The Queen of Apamatuc, a comely young savage, brought him water, a turkeycock, and bread to eat.

    The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner

  • The laird stretched his neck like a turkeycock, and gobbled inarticulately, threw the paper to Fergus, and turning on his chair, glowered at Gibbie.

    Sir Gibbie


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