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  • to waste time, fool around.

    January 14, 2007

  • to take one's turn at something in which there are many turns; derived from an onomatopoeia, the sound made by a ball striking a tennis racket.

    January 14, 2007

  • popularized by lj-user=swmbo, this word is multi-usage but most frequently a synonym for ass.

    December 20, 2006

  • to express opinions or judgments in an especially bitchy, sniping or self-righteous way.

    December 11, 2006

  • http://iharthdarth.livejournal.com

    December 4, 2006

  • http://iharthdarth.livejournal.com/

    December 3, 2006

  • an announcement of departure; "I'm outy." possibly the most teeth-grinding expression there is.

    December 2, 2006

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  • my favorite word is your mom.

    December 2, 2006