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  • Playing music without drums (cf. unplugged).

    July 20, 2008

  • zilch?

    January 19, 2008

  • One of wife's favourties.

    January 19, 2008

  • ,Just take a look at the "Four Rooms" movie script (the second chapter). Here's the relevant part:

    Sigfried runs over to Angela and kneels in front of her.


    Stop talking about his cock, will



    It's hard to stop talking about

    something so huge. I could go on and

    on about his cock, bone, nob, bishop,

    wang, thang, hotrod. Hump mobile,

    Oscar, dong, dagger, banana, cucumber,

    salami. Sausage, kielbasa, schlong,

    dink, tool, Big Ben, Mister Happy,

    prick, disk, pecker, peter, pee-pee,

    wee-wee, weiner, pisser, pistol,

    joint, hose, horn, middle-leg, third-

    leg, meat, stick, joystick, dipstick.

    Angela is on a roll. She fires the words at Sigfried, hitting

    him pointblank. He staggers. He pleads with her to stop,

    covering his ears. Ted watches the man crumble.



    Junior, the little head, little guy,

    Rumple Foreskin, Tootsie Roll. Snake,

    one-eyed monster, one-eyed wonder,

    shaft, sword, meat whistle, skin

    flute, love muscle, Roto-Rooter,

    instrument, banger, rammer, ramrod,

    cherrypicker, log, pole.

    November 29, 2007

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