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  • Such a thing _must_ be.

    May 15, 2007

  • Sworn to defend

    Condemned to hell

    Tempt not the blade

    All fear the Sentinel

    - Judas Priest

    May 15, 2007

  • You know what a hosser is? Dat's a pig dat don't fly straight.

    - Tony Montana, Scarface

    May 7, 2007

  • A pig that don't fly straight.

    May 7, 2007

  • Boone: I don't get you, man. One minute you're quoting Nietzsche, now all of a sudden you're an engineer. I don't think I can spell 'trebuchet'.

    Locke: There's a 'T' on the end.

    - Lost

    May 4, 2007

  • When he leaps amidst us, with combustive dance

    All shall bear the branding, of his thermal lance

    - Exciter, Judas Priest

    May 4, 2007

  • I love cuppycakes like McAdams loves Gosling.

    May 4, 2007

  • A sweet, beautiful treat without compare

    May 4, 2007

  • Tim Robbins actions to escape his prison in "The Shawshank Redeption", where he had hidden a pickaxe in a Bible, and would work to dig an escape route whenever he had a chance. Though it took many years, he eventually shawshanked his way out to freedom.

    May 4, 2007

  • To do something of great magnitude with small, persistence force over time.

    May 4, 2007

  • You're my honeybunch, sugarplums

    Pumpy-umpy-umpkins, you're my sweetie pie

    You're my cuppycake, gumdrops

    Snoogums-boogums, You're the apple of my eye

    And I love you so and I want you to know

    That I'll always be right here

    And I love to sing sweet songs to you

    Because you are so dear

    May 4, 2007

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