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  • ...and would you believed it, "biro" also means judge in Hungarian. There aren't too many occurrences, like this between the two languages. Why wold it be?

    January 11, 2012

  • What is the problem with my "" invetion?""

    September 25, 2011

  • One has no idea of the true meaning of "invention" until he come across Bach's Two Part Inventions, or "Three Part Inventions", the greatest musical "invention" ever.

    September 25, 2011

  • Give pronunciations always, please, please, please. There are lot's of us whose English is a second language and we're sorely missing that. Very important, please!

    August 15, 2011

  • What is the Hungarian translation of gumption?

    July 4, 2011

  • You can't find a definition anywhere of this word. As a youngster we used to sing with the same title on New Years Eve for some reason. It goes: so do do do me re do re, mi re do do me so la---, etc... Gabi

    January 31, 2011

  • Carmen line is the dividing line between the space and the earth atmosphere, 62km high, Established by a Hungarian scientist,Carmen. (Not sure of the spelling.)

    March 27, 2010

  • a secret word originated as a pass word between two tribes of the same people. One tribe couldn't pronounciate it correctly and therefore the person was recognized as an enemy. Since than the word "syboleth " means in English as a secretive word.

    March 21, 2010

  • sofa, divan canape davenport, couch

    November 27, 2009

  • This title describes opera singer Maria Callas, who is considered the greatest soprano singer of our time. (gabi)

    November 15, 2009

  • the word famous-or looks funny, because there are two words, which is unusual. What do you know!

    October 27, 2009

  • A word about Nimrod. Very interesting. Being Hungarian born , I know, that the noun is a personal noun, and not even any kind, but belongs to group oƒ one of our early heroes,as early, as the year 900. Two questions, how did it happened that our Hungarian national figure serves as an american entertaining figure, the second is, how is it that it is not found in the etymological section?Hm....Gabi

    September 7, 2009

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