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  • any number of super-villians hell-bent on destroying the world. thank you joss whedon.

    February 2, 2011

  • from back when vagina became a vulgarity (the 1990s).

    February 1, 2011

  • Thanks Karima Keyek and/or Silvio Berlusconi for this lexical gem.

    February 1, 2011

  • I feel like I *should* hate this word, but I love it. And the 2010-2011 "snowpocalypse." I miss snow.

    February 1, 2011

  • Fired rudely or abruptly.

    January 6, 2011

  • I always makes me think of Susan Glaspell.

    January 6, 2011

  • I prefer the shortened pronunciation of pudd'n'

    February 3, 2010

  • Is actually a fine word, but it tends to vex when my students use it to sound more grandiose

    February 3, 2010

  • February 3, 2010

  • The Three Amigos. I should own this movie.

    October 22, 2007

  • From Ghost. Patrick Swayze galore. My sister tells me she used to think Ditto was actually just another way of saying I love you.

    October 22, 2007

  • as in "all the way"; "total"; or "complete". possible echoes of male genitalia.

    July 24, 2007

  • best spoken a la Dorothy Parker

    July 18, 2007

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