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  • As the author of, The Sweater Workshop, I have to comment on rightside/wrongside that are on the list. While writing the book, I found myself using right as the opposite of left and also right as the opposite of wrong describing the sides of the knitted fabric. So, aiming to have the directions very clear I gave the description of the sides of fabric some thought. Right was going to be the opposite of left as I needed that usage to describe the right end of the needle or the left end of the nedle. Then I thought I could use front/back to describe the sides, but realized I needed front to be the front section of the sweater and back to be the back section. I then decided on inside/ outside - the outside being the side of the fabric the public would see and the inside being the side of the fabric the public wouldn't see and had to add - unless you wear the sweater inside/out! As the sweaters in the book are seamless and some can be worn insideout. my definitions then boiled down to;

    right - the opposite of left

    left - the opposite of right

    front - the front section of the sweater

    back - the back section of the sweater

    outside - the side the public will see

    Inside - the side the public won't see.

    These definitions did earn me a Bravo from Elizabeth Zimmermann to whom my book is dedicated.

    March 12, 2012

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  • Thanks for your comment on my knitting--1 list. Your definitions are really helpful.

    I'd be honored if you'd add right, left, front, back, outside, inside, or any other words you'd like.

    And welcome to Wordnik!

    March 12, 2012