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  • regarding singletree

    I understand it is part of a harness system. a horizontal bar that allows a horse to pull a wagon. however, McMurtry uses it in Lonesome Dove in terms of a saddle. is this a southwestern/historical term for a kind of saddle? If so, what kind? Can't find anything on singletree saddle. Did find "tree" is wooden foundation of saddle.

    • The main thing that bothered him was that he lacked a saddle, but July took care of that by borrowing an old singletree from Peach Johnson.

    —Lonesome Dove

    • "It's better than that old singletree of yours," Pea Eye said.

    —Lonesome Dove

    So how does an old wooden bar with some rings on it "take care of" the lack of a saddle?

    November 8, 2010

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