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  • Dr Parkinson's 'Organic Remains of the Antediluvian World,' treating of the transformation of vegetable substances into stone and Cole &c.

    Letter 245

  • Antediluvian analysts used to speak of "trend" sales being north of 16 million.

    The Pitfalls of Year-On-Fear Growth

  • What made Atlantism a popular craze was the publication of Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly in 1882.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • The Limited Edition of Antediluvian Tales will include a bonus chapbook, H.O.G., the first “novel” Poppy Z. Brite wrote, when she was 12 years old, with a cover illustration by the author.

    Subterranean Press » 2007 » January

  • “Taken as a group, the stories of Antediluvian Tales show what Poppy Z. Brite has been quietly doing so well for years – writing about the working class of New Orleans … This one is a small treasure that fans of good Southern writing should certainly enjoy and readers who love the city will find irresistible from the very first page.”

    Subterranean Press » 2007 » November

  • The show also spent some time talking about Ignatius Donnelly's fanciful Atlantis, the Antediluvian World.

    Was Goliath an Atlantean?

  • Homer Mather, an amateur historian, is credited with the discovery according to an article appearing in the latest Journal of Antediluvian Studies.

    Pyramid Found in New England

  • Antediluvian Tales contains five stories of the Stubbs family, the New Orleans clan whose adventures Brite has chronicled in her popular Liquor novels and other works.

    Subterranean Press » 2007 » January

  • Taken as a group, the stories of Antediluvian Tales show what Poppy Z.

    Subterranean Press » 2007 » November

  • Jim continues to advance the older, well tested, but more conservative views of the Procrustean school, but concentrates on the Antediluvian approach rather than the more progressive disintegrative antipotentials viewpoint as advanced by Brobdingnag et al. Perhaps he is not familiar with Sheiskopf and his work on this subject?

    Konfeedulator: Feedthink meets widgethink « BuzzMachine


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