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  • adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Confucius, his teachings, or his followers.
  • n. An adherent of the teachings of Confucius.

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  • adj. of, pertaining to, or conforming to the teachings of Confucius
  • n. One who follows the teachings of Confucius.

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  • adj. Of, or relating to, Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and teacher, or to Confucianism.

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  • Of or pertaining to Confucius, the celebrated philosopher of China (551-478 b. c.), or to his teachings: as, the Confucian ethics; Confucian literature. See Confucianism.
  • Erected or maintained in honor of Confucius: as, a Confucian temple.

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  • n. a believer in the teachings of Confucius
  • adj. relating to or characteristic of Confucianism


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  • In South Korea, where the word "Confucian" has long been synonymous with "old-fashioned," people like Mr. Park have recently gained modest ground with their campaign to reawaken interest in Confucian teachings that stress communal harmony, respect for seniority and loyalty to the state - principles that many older Koreans believe have lost their grip on the young.

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  • They were based in Confucian temples (wenmiao or xuegong); they were in charge of state schools and students and promoted local education.

    Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

  • He divided the world into seven basic "civilisations": Latin American, Confucian, Japanese, Hindu,

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  • Slide 59: Confucian values 5 Long-term Confucian values Short-term Confucian values  Persistence and perseverance  Personal steadiness and stability  Ordering relationships by status  Protecting your "face"  Thrift  Respect for tradition, reciprocation of greetings,  Having a sense of shame favour and gifts Source: Based on Hofstede, 1991: 165-6 Management responsable: questions éthiques - Laurent Ledoux - 14 / 04 / 07

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  • The essential building block of the post-Cold War world, he wrote, are seven or eight historical civilizations of which the Western, the Muslim and the Confucian are the most important.

    How to Win the Clash of Civilizations

  • Within what Fingleton labels the Confucian work ethic, this will not happen, as the workers remain compliant to the authorities through many devices of blackmail, bribery, threats, and a system of law that is complex and used mainly for control of the population.

    In the Jaws of the Dragon - Book Review

  • Not surprisingly, this notion has been characterized as the Confucian

    Japanese Confucian Philosophy

  • “Between heaven and earth, there are three major ways: the Confucian, which is the way of Confucius; the Buddhist, which is the way of Shakyamuni; and the Daoist, which is the way of Laozi.”

    Japanese Confucian Philosophy

  • Years ago, I read about this philosopher in a book entitled Confucian Philosophy in Korea, in which he was considered a bit of a reformer for being quite open to foreign ideas and technology.

    Tea Mountain (Tasan

  • From the standpoint of cruder household superstitions an average Chinese family may be regarded as Taoists; the principles by which its members seek to guide their lives individually and socially may be called Confucian; their attitude of worship and their hopes for the future make them Buddhists.

    Buddhism and Buddhists in China


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