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  • proper n. A variety of Middle Persian, the court language of the late Sassanid period and of classical Persian poetry.
  • proper n. The dialect of the Persian language as spoken by approximately one-half of the population in Afghanistan; also referred to as Eastern Persian, Afghan Persian, or simply Persian.
  • proper n. A language of the Central Iranian family spoken by up to 15,000 people (mostly Zoroastrians) in the Yazd and Kerman areas, also known as Gabri or Gabar.

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  • n. an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan


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From Persian دری (darī), of disputed origin, probably from دربار (darbār) meaning royal court. The use of the name 'Dari' in English is a recent development, the language formerly being known as 'Persian' to English speakers.


  • Periksa ke arah berikutnya, sehingga: - Didapatkan jangkauan dari perangkat - Catat semua tempat yang mendapatkan sinyal paling lemah - Dari seluruh data, akan didapat satu sel yang 2 dilayani oleh satu access point (titik nomor 2) 1

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  • It even has a not-so-catchy title: Operation Moshtarak, which in Dari translates as "together".

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • In a country still testing how freedom of speech mixes with Islam, Emrooz TV — emrooz means “today” in Dari, one of the two major languages in Afghanistan — has broadcast that the elderly top Shiite cleric in the country was once married to a young teenage girl.

    Kabul Makeover

  • "There will be a day, God willing, when I can help all of the people of Afghanistan again," said Dostum, who addressed the crowd in Dari, Pashto, Uzbek and Turkmen.

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  • Each shawl or scarf is crafted from cashmere, wool, pure cotton and silk, and features the artists 'signatures woven into the product in Dari, the native language spoken by many of the women.

    Wendy Diamond: Afghan Hands: A Helping Paw

  • Tipped off by service members, MRFF has discovered chaplains handing out Bibles in Arabic, Dari, and Pashtun in theatre.

    Matthew Harwood: No Dominion: The Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists in the Armed Forces

  • The White House's mobile video clip aimed at the citizens of Afghanistan is available in Arabic, Dari, Urdu, and Pashto (the last of which is the clip up above).

    UK's Gordon Brown offers sweeping vision of "smarter government"

  • "Given this trend, we produced short video clips of the President's segment to Afghans and had it dubbed in Arabic, Dari, Pashtu, and Urdu in order for them to be distributed locally on mobile devices," the White House said.


  • The Clinton videos are available via the internet in Arabic, Dari, English, Pashto and Urdu, her aides said.

    Chicago news, weather, traffic - CBS 2 - WBBM

  • The Clinton videos are available via the internet in Arabic, Dari, English, Pashto and Urdu, her aides said. by 50BMS13 December 4, 2009 6: 45 AM EST

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