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  • n. An adherent of Darwin's theory of the origin of species.
  • adj. Relating to the theory of evolution, as advanced by Charles Darwin.
  • adj. Competitive.

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  • adj. Pertaining to Darwin.
  • n. An advocate of Darwinism.

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  • Of or pertaining to Charles Darwin, the celebrated English naturalist, or to the theory of development propounded by him. See Darwinism
  • n. One who favors or accepts the theory of development or evolution propounded by Darwin. See evolution.

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  • adj. of or relating to Charles Darwin's theory of organic evolution
  • n. an advocate of Darwinism


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Darwin +‎ -ian


  • The reader is probably familiar with the concept of evolution through natural selection what I refer to as Darwinian evolution, at least on a general level.

    Part I: Nature of the Problem

  • However, if one believes in Darwinian Evolution, CD is a necessary implication.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • The fact is that for complex systems like the bacterial flagellum no biologist has or is anywhere close to reconstructing its history in Darwinian terms.

    Behe and Gene discuss the Evolution of the Flagellum

  • Neither the thermal properties of water, nor the chemical properties of carbon dioxide, nor the exceptional complexity of living things, nor the difficulties this leads to when attempting to give plausible explanations in Darwinian terms – none of theses individually counts for much.

    Blast From the Past

  • If irreducible complexity is a reality, a portion of evolution is inexplicable in Darwinian (or any other natural) terms.

    Is “Intelligent Design” Un-Christian?

  • With regard to the safety issues, call it Darwinian Selection.

    Overflow Bathtubs from Käsch

  • Love of Shopping is Not a Gene: exposing junk science and ideology in Darwinian Psychology

    Police veteran critiques TSA procedure - Boing Boing

  • In a survey of public school students (Grades 6-12), individual prosociality correlates strongly with social support, which is a basic requirement for prosociality to succeed as a behavioral strategy in Darwinian terms.

    Prosociality and Humor

  • Indeed, burgling, when viewed in Darwinian terms, was clearly approaching a crisis.

    Matthew Yglesias » Financial Reform’s Missing Advocates

  • Those who engage in Darwinian reasoning have a long history of comparing the theory of natural selection to the theory of gravity so it would seem that you should be able to be pretty specific about its role.

    Assessing Causality


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