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  • adj. Cosmic.


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  • During the little segment of time that man has been upon the earth, only one great calamity that might be called cosmical has befallen it.

    Time and Change

  • Another and different kind of cosmical, or, rather, material mode of contact is, however, opened to us, if we admit falling stars and meteoric stones to be planetary asteroids.

    COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1

  • And since these spontaneous activities of children have not yet been thoroughly thought out from a high point of view, and have not yet been regarded from what I might almost call their cosmical and anthropological side, we may from day to day expect some philosopher to write a comprehensive and important book about them. [

    Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel

  • Alfven, H., "Double radio sources and the new approach to cosmical plasma physics", Astrophysics and Space Science, vol. 54, no.

    World-wide Campaign Sheds New Light on Nature's "LHC" | Universe Today

  • Wright believed that changes in interstellar space constituted, in a way similar to meteorology, “cosmical weather” (PD 10).

    Chauncey Wright

  • These cosmical factors provided a mechanism for multiple glacial epochs and alternating cold and warm periods in each hemisphere.

    James Croll and the astronomical theory of climate change

  • Further, Mr. Grote supposes, not that (Greek) means ‘revolving,’ or that this is the sense in which Aristotle understood the word, but that the rotation of the earth is necessarily implied in its adherence to the cosmical axis.


  • The human soul, like the cosmical, is framed before the body, as the mind is before the soul of either — this is the order of the divine work — and the finer parts of the body, which are more akin to the soul, such as the spinal marrow, are prior to the bones and flesh.


  • The mythical or cosmical element reminds us of the Timaeus, the ideal of the Republic.

    The Statesman

  • He seemed to think he was making a point against Einstein, rather than for him, for he added: 'There is only one fault with his cosmical religion: he put an extra letter in the word - the letter "s".'

    The God Delusion


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