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  • proper n. The wind from the east.
  • proper n. The Eastern world; the regions, primarily situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, whose culture is derived from India or China.
  • proper n. The Eastern Bloc; the eastern countries of Europe.
  • proper n. the Soviet Union and its socialist allies during the Cold War.
  • proper n. The eastern states of the United States.
  • proper n. The eastern part of any region.


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  • She had been born back east, in a small Pennsylvania town, so she wanted to go back East.

    Murray Waas: The Life That Christina-Taylor Green Would Have Lived

  • If Russia were to launch a multi-hundred billion dollar box office futures market, opportunities would immediately open up for popular culture to change in ways that would decapitalize the tired Hollywood formula, while simultaneously creating momentum for projects that incorporated views from the mid-east and far east; with Russia acting as a geographic and intellectual bridge between East and West.

    Max Keiser: Why Russia Might Be the Best Place for Box Office Futures

  • And Congress can help us do that by giving us corridors east and west out of the wind corridor to the East and West Coast.

    CNN Transcript Jul 8, 2008

  • KING: And let's do this from east to west, because the results will come in from East to West.

    CNN Transcript Feb 5, 2008

  • Perhaps it helps that I live in a semi-arid, warm location - Colorado, east of the Rockies - rather than in the Midwest, East or South, where apparently humidity makes the process painful.

    Tobacco Farmers and Clotheslines - Freakonomics Blog -

  • RE: #1 – Technically, the following parts of California are part of the Great Basin – the thin strip north of Tahoe along the Nevada border, east of the Warner Mts / Sierra Nevada; the Tahoe Basin; the intermontaine valleys and basins south of Tahoe and East of the Sierra crest e.g.

    NAS Panel #2: Bristlecones « Climate Audit

  • What makes this EAST of Eastern Europe-based "western civ" such "essential knowledge" today, especially for people living in the southWESTern U.S. facing East and doing business daily with the new awakened economies of the far East another misnomer, across the Pacific.

    Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

  • He was the head alector of finance in the east, and the High Alector of the East was under his personal shadowmatch.

    Cadmian's Choice

  • Located in Zhejiang Province, about fifteen miles east of Ningbo and very near the Ayuwang Asoka temple see on this site, Tiantong Temple is set into the sacred East mountain in the Tiantong Forest Park amidst thick woods and numerous famous scenic spots.

    Art and religion...

  • The differences were evident at many levels: venture capitalists in Silicon Valley had deep roots in local networks and were far more nimble than their east coast counterparts; educational institutions and research labs in the West partnered with local startups as well as more established firms, while those in the East worked only with the largest corporations; and the meritocratic openness of Silicon Valley made it a magnet for non-traditional talent and immigrants.

    The Valley of My Dreams: Why Silicon Valley Left Boston’s Route 128 In The Dust


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