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  • proper n. A male given name.


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From German Emil, from Latin Aemilius, a Roman family name from aemulus ("rival"). Cognate with French Émile.


  • Mrs. Olsen if she had saved little Emil from the street, but

    Chapter 9

  • "Emil is a man grown and an able seaman; the boy is neither."

    Chris Farrington: Able Seaman

  • A fearful racket was heard in Emil's room at intervals, and peals of laughter from the nursery when Rob and Teddy were sent for and hidden from sight whole hours at a time.

    Little Men: Life at Plumfield With Jo's Boys

  • I vaguely remember another Chicago politician with the name Emil .... someone who took bills away from the original sponsors in Illinois and gave them to Obama to make him look good. am I remembering correctly?

    Latest Articles

  • While Marie was chattering to the French boys, Amedee called Emil to the back of the room and whispered to him that they were going to play a joke on the girls.

    O Pioneers!

  • "Show your manners!" called Emil; and the boys pranced up to the ladies, old and young; with polite invitations to "tread the mazy," as dear Dick

    Little Men

  • The 53 foot tall snow sculpture is called Emil, and stands at the bottom of their new kiddie slopes.


  • But Buzzie's -- real name Emil -- excitement is all worth it to his only son.


  • Now it is not to be imagined that an extraordinary creature such as Emil Gluck could be any other than an extraordinary lover.


  • "From dis time always you call me 'Emil' mitout der 'Mister!"'

    Chris Farrington, Able Seaman


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