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  • proper noun A female given name, variant of Lucille.


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  • As a work of history or biography "Missing Lucile" is of little interest, but as a piece of writing it is a surprisingly lively read.

    The Cincinnati Grocer's Kid

  • Without a word Lucile started down the beach, then up the creek.

    The Blue Envelope

  • She'd got far beyond 'Lucile' -- though 'Peck's Bad Boy' was still the favourite of Angus when he got time for any serious reading --- and was coming to loathe the crudities of our so-called American civilization.

    Somewhere in Red Gap

  • "I'm coming," called Lucile; then, turning to Jack, "Good-by," she murmured, suddenly very reluctant to have him go.

    Lucile Triumphant

  • "Here they are," called Lucile from the other room.

    Lucile Triumphant

  • Lucy’s connection with her fashion house was cut short after a restructuring, but as with Paul Poiret and other pre-WWI fashion houses, the name Lucile and the inspiration of its namesake designer were considered old-fashioned and demode.

    The IT Girl: Lady Duff Gordon | Edwardian Promenade

  • "Lucile," she cried, stopping in the middle of a dance to gaze upon her daughter, "I don't believe you've had a mouthful of anything to eat since you got up, and it's after twelve o'clock."

    Lucile Triumphant

  • "Lucile," Evelyn was starting to remonstrate, when an excited voice whispered, huskily, "So you're here, are you?" and two figures loomed before them out of the mist.

    Lucile Triumphant

  • In his delightful poem of "Lucile," Owen Meredith wrote: --

    Across the Equator A Holiday Trip in Java

  • "Lucile," cried Mrs. Payton, and then, as her voice would not carry above all the noise, "Go after her, Phil," she said.

    Lucile Triumphant


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