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  • The ambiguous legal framework governing espionage dates back to World War I and seems to address only spying done on behalf of foreign states. — “Changes in Espionage by Americans: 1947 – 2007,” [PDF] Katherine L. Herbig, Defense Personnel Security Research Center

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  • Mukasey: I ' d be looking at two sections of what ' s called the Espionage Act, one of which criminalizes the circulation--the publication of defense-related information, and the other of which criminalizes the publication of classified information.

    Assange in the Dock?

  • And as a result, it may not be a surprise that my signature perfume is called Espionage

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  • And there was a thing called the Espionage Act had been passed, or the Sedition Act. And many prominent people who were not socialists said he should be pardoned.

    1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft & Debs- The Election That Changed the Country�

  • It is surely a significant fact that, in the face of the late almost incredible proceedings under the so-called Espionage Act and other such laws, the only objections heard of came either from the persons directly affected -- nine-tenths of them Socialists, pacifists, or citizens accused of German sympathies, and hence without any rights whatever in American law and equity -- or from a small group of professional libertarians, chiefly naturalized aliens.

    The American Credo A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind

  • But the indictment of Sterling - for allegedly violating a World War One era law known as the Espionage Act -- could now lead to yet another court battle over whether the reporter will be forced to testify at Sterling's trail. Top headlines

  • It didn't stick the first time; but, as I warned, since this tactic is such a standard part of the tool-kit for closing an open society -- 'Step Ten' of the 'Ten Steps' to a closed society: 'Rename Dissent 'Espionage' and Criticism of Government, 'Treason' -- I knew, based on my study of closing societies, that this tactic would resurface.

    Naomi Wolf: Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States

  • There is a chapter in my new book, The End of America, entitled "Recast Criticism as 'Espionage' and Dissent as 'Treason,'" that conveys why this moment is the horrific harbinger it is.

    Naomi Wolf: A Shocking Moment for Society: Tasering at University of Florida

  • But thanks to her enthusiasm, I had the opportunity for a brief olfactory seduction with scents such as Espionage and Zohar.

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  • After Holmes’s three opinions in March, often referred to as the Espionage Act trilogy, his intended dissent must have startled the other justices.

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