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  • Fuck my life (expressing despairing annoyance).
  • Find me later


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  • It was a pretty weird feeling--kind of like "Eureka!" meets "FML" -- out of which our first tweet was born: "Can't decide if i should be excited about correctly diagnosing my strep throat or upset that i am painfully ill #medstudentproblems."

    Priya Malhotra: Discussing Med Student Problems With @MedStudentProbl

  • I just started a new feature on my blog called FML Fail.

    feminist blogs

  • I love how some of your little quotes ends with "FML".

    Goodbye Cupcake Bites!

  • I love a good internet meme as much as the next person but I really, really hate "FML".

    Color Our World Blackened | ATTACKERMAN

  • For the uninitiated, "FML" comes from the movie Superbad and stands for "Fuck My Life".

    Color Our World Blackened | ATTACKERMAN

  • The site's English version, "" -- "FML" for short -- became an overnight sensation in the two months since its launch, with some 1.7 million people logging on each day, and huge fan groups on Facebook and Twitter.

    Misery loves company

  • Buffy learns to feel at least a tiny bit lucky to have someone like Giles, and friends like Willow and Xander, and someone like Angel, even if there are plenty of other reasons for Buffy to lean towards "FML" this season.

    Cultural Learnings

  • - If you're the kind of person who uses "FML" in texts, IMs or tweets, then you may be the kind of person who is aware of a recent change to the New York City subway system, which resulted in this sorta-funny signage:


  • Instead, "FML" or "You can guess the expletive My Life" topped last year's

    Top Facebook Trends In 2010 Show That It's a Teen's Social Network - Oliver Chiang - SelectStart - Forbes

  • For any unaware of "FML" it is a collection of posts by people who have gone through a ridiculous, painful, or immoral calamity and each one of their stories ends the same way: FML

    Apple Gazette


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  • cf mlia.

    June 16, 2010

  • See Urban Dictionary.

    June 15, 2010

  • I don't get it.

    June 15, 2010

  • MTA to Change ‘FML’ Signs

    June 15, 2010