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  • adj. Relating to or being in accordance with the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud.
  • n. A person who accepts the basic tenets of the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud, especially a psychiatrist or psychologist who applies Freudian theory and method in conducting psychotherapy.

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  • adj. Relating to or influenced by the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and his methods of psychoanalysis.
  • adj. Susceptible to analysis in terms of unconscious thoughts or desires.
  • n. A follower of Freud or his methods.

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  • adj. of or pertaining to Sigmund Freud.

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  • n. a person who follows the basic theories or practices of Sigmund Freud
  • adj. of or relating to Sigmund Freud or his psychoanalytic ideas


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  • Many begged for formal training in Freudian psychotherapy.

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  • What's really very Freudian is both disciplines love stories about super heroes with non-human powers.

    MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Antithetical to Religion?

  • Several scholars have already detailed how remarkably Freudian is Shelley's treatment of these issues, and I draw especially on the evidence that

    Attached to Reading: Mary Shelley's Psychical Reality

  • The Doomsday Machine itself, the humongous planet killer, has been variously described in Freudian terms or else as a "gigantic horn of plenty."

    Look what they've done to my Trek, ma

  • You might say he is my favorite "conservative liberal Republican" (as he recently described himself in what some called a Freudian slip).

    Dave Tiffany: McCain Told Me 100 Years

  • While a major part of the film is the concept of randomness as it relates to the dream world (Stephane terms a chief aspect of the science of sleep “PSR” – Parallel Synchronized Randomness), the storyline is also largely based in Freudian subconscious theory.

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  • Unfortunately, Alex, I've now tunneled under Pruned's Chicago offices, leaving you stranded above a thousand mile honeycomb of empty networked passages, on the verge of collapse, in Freudian glee, replacing your earth's surface with hollows, a loss of structure, anti-solidity, this terrestrial eggshell you may one day find yourself cracking through.

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  • I think what you are going to hear from the conservative side of things is the phrase Freudian slip.

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  • In the popular usage of this phrase, the word Freudian is synonymous with 'sexual,' the word 'sexual' is synonymous with 'genital,' while the question 'What does the word' symbol 'mean?' is answered, if it is asked at all, by saying that it is something that stands for something else.

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  • Of course, not all of these practices have been condoned by societies — parent-child incest and seducing another’s man’s wife have rarely been countenanced — but many have, and all illustrate what the unchanneled, or in Freudian terms, the “un-sublimated,” sex drive can leadto.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Closer and closer


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