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  • Geronimo Originally Goyathlay. 1829-1909. Chiricahua Apache leader who resisted the U.S. government policy to consolidate his people on reservations by leading a series of raids against Mexican and American settlements in the Southwest (1876-1886).

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  • n. Apache chieftain who raided the white settlers in the Southwest as resistance to being confined to a reservation (1829-1909)


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  • GERONIMO - The old truck was smoking Saturday behind Geronimo VFW Post 8456, but the guys gathered around it - R.C. Pownall and buddies, Dave James, Bill Jandt and Alvin Seiler - weren't there to talk about hot cars.

    The Gazette-Enterprise: News

  • GERONIMO - A couple months back, the NAPA Seguin Auto Parts store over on Cedar Street had a half-price filter sale, and Gary Tschoepe, who works his family's farm near Geronimo doesn't let a sale go by if he can help it.

    The Gazette-Enterprise: News

  • As an adult in battle he was called Geronimo by Mexican soldiers, perhaps because they could not pronounce Goyahkla, or perhaps to invoke Saint Jerome (Geronimo is Spanish for Jerome).


  • American paratroopers began using the term "Geronimo" as a war cry during World War II when jumping out of an airplane.

    'Geronimo' Code Name for bin Laden Mission Upsets Native Americans

  • The best rendering of the phrase Geronimo actually used would be One in Washington.

    Once They Moved Like the Wind

  • MI6 agents and CIA officers on the ground were also providing intelligence and it is believed that Gaddafi was given a code name in the same way that US forces used the name Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • At issue is whether the name Geronimo was used as code for bin Laden or the act of capturing or killing bin Laden, as the Obama administration has indicated, and whether either was appropriate.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • Back at the White House Situation Room, word was relayed that bin Laden had been found, signaled by the code word "Geronimo."

    AP: Bin Laden raid was a one-time mission

  • But any good that these actions might have done in averting retaliation by bin Laden's supporters was probably just obliterated this morning when it was reported on NBC's Today Show that the commander of the SEAL unit, who was supposed to signal that the mission was successfully accomplished with the code word "Geronimo," decided to embellish his communication by prefacing the code word with "For God and Country."

    Chris Rodda: We're Not at War With Islam, But Let's Do Everything We Can to Make it Look Like We Are

  • "But finally," Mr. Panetta said, "Admiral McRaven came back and said that he had picked up the word 'Geronimo,' which was the code word that represented that they got Bin Laden."

    NYT > Home Page


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