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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the ideas of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
  • n. A follower of Hegel's philosophy.

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  • adj. Pertaining to Hegelianism.

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  • Of or pertaining to Hegel or his system of philosophy; propounded by Hegel: as, the Hegelian theory of universal history. See Hegelianism.
  • n. One who accepts the philosophical opinions of Hegel; a follower of Hegel.

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  • adj. of or relating to Hegel or his dialectic philosophy
  • n. a follower of the thought of Hegel


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Hegel +‎ -ian


  • Now I see that a Hegelian is one who agrees that everybody is right, and who acts as if everybody but himself were wrong.

    Unlikely music critic of the day (literally)

  • A Hegelian is an absolute enemy of absolute truth.

    His Lordship Gives an Update

  • As regards the issue of false choices being posited to lead to a desired consensus outcome, you might want to Google the phrase Hegelian Dialectic.

    UK Libertarian Party

  • Fast-forwarding to the present-day, and The Battle of Algiers emerges as an incredibly timely opening night selection to re-visit; I ask Mr. Peña to posit it alongside 2011 selection Tahrir, a documentary about exactly that, which I would call a Hegelian update of sorts to The Battle of Algiers.

    Michael Vazquez: NYFF @50: Chairman Richard Peña on Opening Nights: The Social Network, Miller's Crossing, All About My Mother, PLUS Saadi Yacef In-Person Tonight

  • This, in turn, also gives rise to an interpretation which some are wont to call the Hegelian dialectic, which states that governments and virtually any higher body who want to bring in some policy do so via a threefold progression: 1. create a crisis; 2. people demand a solution; 3. government propose a solution which includes the policy they wanted in the first place.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The thing that is often perplexing is that occasionally Christianity has bouts of this immanent eschatology and renews itself through what I guess some would call a Hegelian dialectic although I think it is sometimes more disruptive and less predictable than that.

    Why are some people obsessed with the Crucifixion?

  • But such a view, though it might satisfy Spencer and those whom we may call Hegelian evolutionists, could not be accepted as adequate by the more whole-hearted votaries of change.

    Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays

  • This is also the process called the Hegelian dialectic.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • The theoretical groundwork for how the NOW would be imposed on freedom-loving Americans is described as Hegelian, but is also a sort of "shock doctrine":

    Daily Kos

  • .. and this can be taken for various dialectics as well, for example the Hegelian, which is nearly always misrepresented, as stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus ...

    Archive 2008-05-01


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