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  • See Hero2.


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  • _heron_, for which there is no word in Romany, this being done because there is a resemblance in the sound of Heron and Herne.

    The Gypsies

  • Those of us on the right feel able to like musicians, actors and other performers whose political opinions we might find repulsive, for example my love of the music of Gil Scott Heron is well known; we seem able to disassociate the music from the man.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • In the book, Heron is really a time traveler from the far-future - further than Sierra's year of 2042 - who has assumed the role of the famous historical inventor.

    REVIEW: The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson

  • As for Kit, she was in her room next door when he called Heron up, and heard about his having pearls to sell; or else she went in to help him pack, and saw them.

    The Lion's Mouse

  • Without another word Heron began to walk very fast.

    The Lion's Mouse

  • Their “affordable” RV lot was part of a mostly failed residential subdivision called Heron Ridge, where they had an electrical hookup, a concrete slab, and nothing else.

    Fatal Error

  • The place is called the Heron Palace -- because of a couple of historical herons given as gifts -- and it's guarded, they tell us though I'm not sure if they're there as guards or decoration, by a couple of humongous, live grey herons.

    galleon trade edition

  • He wouldn't entertain speculation that the change in criteria benefited the Heron, which is used by Israel, India and Turkey...

    Afstan: New UAVs (at last) and armed Griffons

  • Further to this post, just for info here is MacDonald Dettwiler's UAV site--the Heron is the UAV we are leasing for Afstan, supposed to arrive early next year. posted by Mark, Ottawa at 3:09 PM

    UAVs for Afstan

  • First, of the books listed, The Heron is the most recent (published in Italy in 1968); Behind the Door, first published in 1964, follows The Garden of the Finzi-Continis by two years.

    Micol's Betrayal


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