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  • Humiliation is dying at the hands of alien butt-missiles.

    Forgotten Geek: Six giant starships you forgot about

  • Humiliation is all we got left, she said, referring to their postings of military fakes and helping reporters ferret them out.

    Media Coverage October

  • It is all based on a game called Humiliation: You can't just plead that, gosh, though you simply ADORE Perec you blush to admit you only got halfway through La Disparation in the original French.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Lodge invents a memorable literary parlour game called Humiliation in which players confess to embarrassing gaps in their reading.

    Culture |

  • There's a scene in, if I remember correctly, a David Lodge novel where a group of academics play a game called Humiliation, the idea of which is that you name a book that you ought to have read but haven't.

    Telegraph Blogs

  • Humiliation is completely different from torture, as I’m sure Mr. Sampson could attest to.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Conservatives and Torture:

  • I did wonder if some of them were faking it, in that David Lodge kind of way in his novel Changing Places, a bunch of English professors play a game called Humiliation in which they confess the famous books they haven’t read, and then one guy admits he hasn’t read Hamlet and doesn’t get tenure.

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • Many of the newspapers today have the headline of "Humiliation," saying that President Ahmadinejad has played a very shrewd game and has made Britain look weak.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2007

  • Campaspe beckons you to a round of "Humiliation," cinephile edition and among the Cinemarati to boot.

    GreenCine Daily

  • Romanian NGOs Urge French Goods Boycott over Roma 'Humiliation' (Sofia News Agency)


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    Serial Murder and Social Learning Theory


    Hale (1993) applied the social learning theory to serial murder using case studies.

    The social learning theory suggests that people learn new behavior through punishment and rewards.

    But the serial murderer goes through a different process because most children go through some sort of humiliation during their life.

    A serial killer is often introduced to a humiliating experience, and cannot distinguish between a rewarding and non rewarding experience, which is part of the social learning theory.

    This causes the child to look at certain situations in a negative way, causing the child to become frustrated.

    When the individual becomes frustrated from a humiliating experience from the past, the individual then choose vulnerable outlets for their aggression (Singer and Hensley, 2004).]]]




    The child learns to expect humiliation or a negative situation from the past, which then causes frustration or aggression.

    Case Examples:

    Ed Gein was humiliated early in his life and later turned his aggression out on others. Gein was controlled by his mother, and rejected by his father as a child, and was often abused (Hale, 1993).

    Ted Bundy chose his victims based on the resemblance to a former girlfriend who had broken their marriage engagement (Hale, 1993).

    David Berkowitz had a sense of rejection stemmed from being adopted, and it was said he felt rejected and humiliated by the world.

    In this case, Berkowitz turned to fire starting the vent his frustration as a child.

    Later in his life, Berkowitz obtained a sexual transmitted disease which created more hatred for women, which he would later turn to kill random women (Fishman, 2006)6.

    In all of these instances the serial killer was presented with some form of humiliation as a child, and learned to vent their anger through aggression.

    January 3, 2010