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  • Jack McDevitt's short story "Indomitable" follows a boy and his father as they tour a space museum in a future Calgary.

    REVIEW: Jim Baen's Universe #12

  • "Indomitable" by Jack McDevitt is a very short story that almost perfectly distills an important aspect of the psyche.

    Baen's Universe does fun, poignant

  • He talks about a lot of stuff including why he decided to come back to the character of Jair Ohmsford from Wishsong: I’d done a short story called 'Indomitable' a few years back for a Legends collection, and it was an attempt to pick up on what happened with Jair Ohmsford, who was one of the two main characters in Wishsong of Shannara.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • There was still one battleship in service, the Vanguard, a turreted shape I can just remember seeing through a North Sea mist, but the biggest surprise was the number of aircraft carriers: Ark Royal, Eagle, Indomitable, Illustrious, Implacable, Indefatigable, Formidable … their bulldog names went on over two pages.

    A British fleet with no aircraft carrier. Unthinkable!

  • Indomitable Lion: Wells Tower, freshly anointed as one of the NYer's 20 Under 40, also took the New York Public Library's Young Lions prize for 2010 (for fiction by a writer under 35) for the completely fabulous story collection, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, topping fellow 20/40 members C.E. Morgan and Philipp Meyer, as well as Jedediah Berry and Katie Kitamura.

    News Junkies

  • As the yacht passed along the hull of the Indomitable, I could see a gaping hole where the propulsion section used to be.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • I managed to snag the pod cleanly and towed it toward the escaping forward end of the Indomitable.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • The maneuvering thrusters of the main portion of the Indomitable fired, and it began to move forward.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » February : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Indomitable, never resting, fighting for seconds and minutes all week, circumventing delays and crushing down obstacles,

    Chapter 17

  • Against a backdrop of divisive dressing-room cliques – Eto'o was the head of one faction – weak managerial leadership from Paul Le Guen and even political interference from back home, the Indomitable Lions lost all three of their group ties to exit with a whimper.

    Samuel Eto'o's deadly form for Inter could spell trouble for Tottenham


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  • The Indomitable was also named 'Bellipotent' in some drafts of the famous Melville novel. The classic was not published until over 25 years after Melville's death. It is a type of an 'unfinished' novella.

    October 23, 2010

  • Sadly enough, that's how I read it just now, too.

    Say... wasn't there a film a few years ago based on Billy Budd? I think the sailors were in the French Foreign Legion. Hm. Melville... French film... obviously a classic.

    October 23, 2010

  • Bilby Budd? Never heard of him.

    October 23, 2010

  • HMS Indomitable and HMS Rights of Man in Billy Budd

    October 23, 2010