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  • German family of steel and munitions manufacturers, including Friedrich (1787-1826), who founded the Krupp Works in Essen (1811), and his son Alfred (1812-1887), who there began the production of ordnance (c. 1847). Alfred's granddaughter Bertha (1886-1957) and her husband Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach (1870-1950) were important in the secret rearming of Germany after World War I.

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  • n. German industrialist who manufactured steel in Essen (1787-1826)
  • n. German arms manufacturer and son of Friedrich Krupp; his firm provided ordnance for German armies from the 1840s through World War II (1812-1887)


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  • We checked with Dr. Edwin Krupp, director of LA’s Griffith Observatory – who also happens to be an expert on the Mayan calendar – and he assured us that the Earth will continue going about its business despite what you’ll be seeing on movie screens when 2012 opens (Nov. 13).

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  • It is called -- there's a story behind it -- it's called the Krupp ring, and it was owned by the Vera Krupp, the German -- the munitions people who helped knock off millions of Jews.

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  • It is called the Krupp ring and it was owned by the Vera Krupp, the German munitions, German munitions people who helped knock off millions of Jews.

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  • This gun is provided with various kinds of projectiles, the ones usually carried being shell, shrapnel and cannister, and are known as Krupp prepared ammunition, which can be used in the same manner as an ordinary rifle cartridge.

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  • Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, formerly known as the Krupp Diamond.

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  • That 33-carat diamond ring, once called the Krupp and later named after its new owner and which sold for an eye-popping $8.8 million, was an everyday piece for a woman whose everyday life had been tabloid fodder since childhood.

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  • While Nazism and Japanese militarism were the political spearheads of WW2, the economic impetus was provided by corporations such as Krupp which used concentration camp labor and Mitsubishi, as well as pro-Nazi American businesses.

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  • Lex Krupp, authorizing the transfer of all Bertha's shares to Alfried, giving him the name "Krupp" and dispossessing his siblings.

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  • By imperial proclamation at the wedding, Gustav was given the additional surname "Krupp," which was to be inherited by primogeniture along with the company.

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  • “On or about the 21st of December, 2012, the Maya calendar is going to complete one of its cycles, which is called a Baktun,” Krupp says.

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